Had my doppler scan & appt with Dr June Tan on 19 Oct ’12, at exactly 28 weeks gestation.

Doppler scan
There’s just something about the scanning table/bed that makes me feel so damn nauseous. I’d always feel so excited to see my babies, then think about lying down & go bleargh.

Anyway, my scan was done by Ms Sein Yee Oo. If you have read one of my previous posts, she’s the one who did not note down my babies’ weights. I learnt my lesson though & asked her (politely, of course) if she could note them down for me.

Consultation with High Risk Doctor/ Twins Clinic/ Maternal Fetal Medicine Dept
The Dr on duty was Dr Janice Tung. Met her for the first time her. She’s the first Dr on the team who actually introduced herself. Haha! Was really nice & patient too.

She told me that the critical period (although it’s still a concern of course) of Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS) for the babies has passed, & now they are concentrating more on Intrauterine Growth Restriction (IUGR) until 34 weeks gestation.

This was highlighted because of the weight difference between the babies. Both babies are measuring ahead of their gestational age, but there is a 22.5% weight discrepancy/discordancy between them now. Some medical communities have listed that weight discrepancies of more than 20% (calculated using weight of heavier twin as a base) to be of concern. Others have stated more than 25%. The thing is, even the smaller twin is measuring bigger than gestational age. So… Can it be a possible IUGR case even in this scenario? More on this when we get to consultation with Dr June Tan.

So Dr Janice was concerned enough to want to bring my doppler scans from fortnightly to weekly, but wasn’t sure if the situation warrants it. She gave a senior Dr a call & explained the situation. The senior Dr, however, thought that everything’s still going a-ok for now so I still get to keep my fortnightly scans.

Baby A is 1.2kg (measuring ard 29 1/2 weeks) & Baby B is 1.55kg (measuring ard 31 weeks). Other than the weight difference, everything else is going pretty well. Blood flows are good, strong heartbeats & visible bladders. The Deepest Vertical Pocket (DVP) for each twin is identical at 2.36cm & there’s no swelling (Hydrops Fetalis) detected. [Both DVP & hydrops fetalis can show indications of TTTS]

Consultation with my ob/gyn Dr June Tan
We discussed about the babies’ growth, as usual. I then relayed to her Dr Janice’s concerns & asked her opinions on them (Dr June Tan is a senior consultant & she was from the High Risk/MFM Dept herself). She said that since the rest of the results are good, we’re going to take the limit of the weight difference at 25%, before it becomes a concern.

I also told Dr June about my concerns, mainly my frequent contractions & the burning sensation I feel at the top of my tummy. Dr June prescribed me some progesterone pills (strengthen tissues lining uterus/ reduce contractions) for the contractions. She also told me to take Gaviscon (for heartburn) for the burning sensation. I thought the burning feeling I have is because of the crazy stretching, not heartburn, but we’ll see how it goes.

I’ve attached pics below in this order:-
1) Babies’ ultrasound pics
2) A sneak peak of my doppler scan report
3) The progesterone pills I was prescribed
4) Baby bump/ baby belly at 28 weeks!

Apologies for being a total newbie & not being able to put captions on all my pics. I do all my updating on my iPhone & I really have no idea how to do the captions :p






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